About the Course


The Beginner Course

Level 1 is Conversational and the duration is 40 hours (4 weeks)

You would learn Conversational Mandarin and would also be able to read and write Pinyin

We take utmost care so as to not mix up conversational and character aspects. And at the end of the course you will be able to speak, listen & interpret on the conversation front and read & write pinyin as well as a few basic common chinese characters

Our faculty (both Chinese and Indian nationals) have spent many years working in China and that is where they have learnt the language from native Chinese speakers.

They have also been trained in courses on the best methods to teach Chinese.

They promote anunderstanding of these two ancient civilizations.
A lot of audio-visual aids would be used while teaching enabling a highly interactive session that helps the students learn to speak Mandarin quickly.

The students will be able to speak and understand basic Mandarin, and would have gained the mastery of more than 500 Chinese phrases that would help them in their day to day conversation.

Students would have also learnt the essence of Chinese grammar and will be able to form sentences with confidence.

You would also be introduced to the concept of Characters (Han Zi), (Simplified Chinese) and be familiar to read and write a few basic common chinese characters.

As a bonus, students would get to do a live video chat with a Chinese National and also the closing session would be marked by the presence of a Chinese Guest Faculty

Advanced Course

Level 2 is Written and the duration is 40 hours (4 weeks)

This course is for students who want to pursue advanced Mandarin, read & write around 800 characters (Han Zi), Advanced grammar comprehension, Listening & Interpretation of complex conversation etc


Corporate Course

We have an exclusive array of courses for corporates.

Ranging from 1 Day course to week long and month long courses covering not just the language but also the orientation towards culture, etiquette, DOs, DONTs, quick survival mandarin,etc

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The institute also offers private tuitions for students studying Mandarin as part of their IGCSE curriculum.


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