Feedback from Students


The entire course was very useful and this met my expectation, You are giving your 100% to make this course a success - Prashant Kulkarni (May 2016)

I feel, a lot of thought has been put behind evrything in this course - the approach, the content. topics covered and the teaching technique. I now feel pretty confident conversing in Mandarin - Rishikesh Giri (July 2013)

The course run by Ni Hao Bangalore has the right mix of vocabulary and grammar for a person to build a respectable command over Mandarin. Many "secret sauce" tips and tricks shared to us means that they are the best place in Bangalore to learn Mandarin - Hitesh Sharma (Aug 2014)

Wonderful to learn Chinese in a small group, ably guided by a highly enthusiastic faculty - willing to correct our mistakes right in time and takes a lot of effort to understand our grasping ability and hence help us learn better- Ajay Krishna (Nov 2013)

The course covered almost all aspects of day to day situational dialogues in Chinese - Kiran Nataraj (May 2010)

Chinese is preceived as a complex language because of its incomprehensible sounds and the credit certainly goes to you for making, what seemed insurmountable, actually easy- Chetan Dyamanna (July 2013)

I have become confident to use a number of phrases. These will help me get into a conversation with a Chinese person. Full credit goes to our teacher - B Kumar (July 2013)

This course is different from the usual foriegn language courses, as it gives an overall feel of the language, culture and China as a whole, I would say you are doing a great job - Tejaswini Reval (May 2012)

This course is like a parachute, If suddenly dropped in China, for whatever reason, business or pleasure, be assured one will land safely and surive there :-) - Ajay Nyamati (May 2012)


I was impressed with the hi-tech audio visual techniques used in this course. Great to have an institute like this in Bangalore, I would recommend having a branch in Mangalore as well - Eugene Lee (Eugene Lee was part of the Oct batch at our institute, came all the way from Mangalore. Born to a Chinese father and Indian mother, Eugene was quite keen to learn Mandarin in a pursuit to re-unite with his extended family in Hebei Province.) (Oct 2010)

I was highly impressed with the simplicity and relevance of the course content and the wealth of knowledge I got from this course. Very neatly designed content with just the essentials you would need to live in China, not delving into the complex Chinese characters. Not just the content, Arun delivered with utmost ease, quoting real-life examples with cultural aspects coupled with audio-visual presentation technique made the whole 4 weeks extremely useful and valuable. Thanks to you Arun for being an excellent tutor - Ram Gopal (April 2012)

Sentence Forming Techniques, Logical Interpretation, Audio-Video Sessions, were all very useful and the culture sessions were
very entertaining
- Sridhar (March 2012)

The patience and painstaking approach of the tutor is commendable - Saroja Ravindran (Nov 2011)

Got a very in-depth level of understanding of Conversational Mandarin within a short period of time. Trainer is able to understand the strenght and weakness of students and hence focuses on subjective imrpovement - Balakrishna Shenoy (Oct 2011)

Thank you for having a center in Bangalore and spreading the message that "Chinese Language" is indeed learnable :-) - Nagesh C V(Aug 2011)

Course is very well structured. Crisp coverage during the 4 weekends is so interesting and fun filled. Did not realize how 6 hours flew by each of those days- Navneeth Menon (July 2011)

I was able to learn Mandarin easier than I had though of. My perception that Chinese is a very difficult language was proved wrong. Thanks to the Chinese Institute of Chennai- Bangalore Center- Dilip Kumar Jain (June 2011)

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